Thursday, May 29, 2008

Digital Information Learning Project Week 2 (May 21)

Reflective Framework

Step 1

In todays session Sarah showed us her blog site and talked about how this has opened up her networking. A few people commented that they felt concerned about putting all this information 'out there' for anyone to see. She said she wasn't worried as she screened what went onto her site. She also talked about animoto and her excitement at using this great tool. I really enjoyed her enthusiasim adn thought she is lucky to have time to do this...I wandered if I would find the time to put into digital learning as I am already stretched and my family already aruges over whose turn is it to be on the ocmputer. I was thinking 'how difficult would it be to use Animoto?"

Following this we spent some time in the computer lab starting to work on our aims for our project. I felt a bit lost as I was now unsure where to head or what to do. Bronwyn suggested I look at a bookmarking site called delicious so I could start making a library of resources to use in my project. I did this and had a quick look at how the programme works. I also looked at and registered for slideshare.

Step 2

I felt my reactions were good and bad. It was good to feel enthusied but I also started to feel worried as I may not have the time to do all the things I want....I feel like my original idea for coming into this project of setting up blackboard was defunct...there is too many other things I could learn... I also felt a little nervous wandering if I would be able to master something even as simple as bookmarking

Step 3

As I result of this workshop I learnt that it is very helpful to meet with other poeple with similar frustrations with digital literacy. We can learn and get enthused by sharing with the others in gorup. to overcome my time worry I think I just need to really make the most of the times we meet. I plan to see if I can use animoto this weekend


Sarah Stewart said...

I understand what you are saying about time - I am in a different place to you now that my kids have grown up so that does free me up in ways that give me the advantage over you. Also, my husband and I have our own computers so there is not so much fighting about use of resources.

But in the end, I don't have the time - I 'make' the time. It's all a matter of priorities - I do not do housework or anything else maternal/wifely. My house is a pig sty & we eat lots of convenience foods but thats the choice about time that I have made. It's not that I have more time than you - I just choose to use it differently.

BTW: you have inspired me with your videos of your little ones - when I get 'time' I'll going to digitalise all my baby photos and make them into a video. cheers Sarah

Raewyn said...

Thanks Sarah I do agree with you's about making time and that is the conclusion I came to!

I have quite enjoyed it lately making time and experimenting with these different programmes...that is the plus of this project... I have to make time....And yes I'm sure you pretty busy with doing a PhD...thats why I was more enthused than worried after that first session