Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DIL Learning project

To hlep me meet some of the outcomes for the DFLP course I have also embarked on the action research project to increase my digital literacy skills. I attended to first workshop last week and have included here a brief outline of what happened and my goals. I will use my blog to also reflect on my prgress etc thorughout the 10 weeks.

First Week 14th May 08

The self-directed activity for this week was to:

* Write down the digital information literacy issues I wish to address in the project and the things I would like to work on.

* Write an outline of what happened in the first workshop - what I was shown, what I did, things I knew already, things I learned etc.

* List one or two goals of what I would like to do in the next workshop and in the project overall.

1) I want to set up a blackboard site for students to access that will provide useful links to resources that will be of value to there learning when in a set ward.

2) The first workshop was really interesting because I was in a group of people with diverse learning needs. The introductions were very helpful. This was quite important for me to see because I was unsure if I had enough knowledge to take part in this project. I felt excited about the possibilities to enhance my digital literacy. I also enjoyed the video as it made me think about some of the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic age. I also completed the online survey which will be interesting to see at the end of the project to see the results

3) Next workshop I would like to begin setting up a site on blackboard for my BN 233 course


Leigh Blackall said...

Interesting Raewyn. I wonder why you haven't sort out the Blackboard workshops? Of course, you are welcome to use the project to set up a course using Bb. I just hope that you won't be frustrated by all the other things that we do as well. A bit like the video portreys.

If you focus on building a course in Bb, how much will your digital information literacy improve? Will you know how to search for and review digital information? Will you be able to sample and represent that information so that it fits your own needs and understandings? Will you understand the technical and legal impliections of that? Would you know how to teach (and learn) online if you didn't have access to Bb?

Perhaps starting with that last question. How do you access Bb? How would you if you weren't an employee of Otago Polytechnic, or if OP was to stop using Bb, or if you wanted to set up an online course outside OP? How would you access Bb or something like it?

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Raewayn

My thought is: why choose to build this resource in a closed environment like BlackBoard. Would you not be better off thinking about doing it in an open environment like a blog or wiki, where not only will your students be able to benefit but also the wider, global nursing community. This will also encourage global sharing, communication and collaboration. The other aspect will be that you will be modeling to your students which will encourage them to explore the wider world.

DawnC said...

Leigh has raised a number of issues here, but perhaps this is a wee bit early to deal with so many quite challenging ideas. I think if you go ahead with your plan, then these matters can be considered along the way.

Sarah Stewart said...

Please don't take this as a downer on your idea, Raewyn - this project is all about your learning and what fits your context.

But, I am interested in Dawn's comment. Why are the ideas that Leigh has put forward challenging? Why shouldn't they be considered now, at the beginning of the project? Please forgive me - I do not want to sound rude, but I just do not understand what is so complicated about having nursing resources in an open environment? I understand Raewyn might not want to consider making her course open access - that is a reasonably big job. But developing an open access wiki with the resources for the students is an easy task, both technologically and philosophically.

Bronwyn hegarty said...

Raewyn when deciding on the design of your online course there are a number of things you need to consider. Leigh has asked some important questions to alert you to some of them.

Some aspects may need to be kept more private than others so a closed environment may be appropriate. If you are deciding to set up a course on Blackboard, there are several avenues you can explore.

For example, you will need to find out how to get started in the organisation using Bb- request a Blackboard shell, access training, find out about the best design and formats for material in Blackboard - this may take you on an exploration of formats in general for online delivery of information to your students.

Already I know you have started searching for online resources in the form of video. Later on you may wish to think about the spectrum of open material - widely accessible - versus the issues around resources kept in a closed environment. And the importance of sharing resources.

Lots of potential in your ideas.

Raewyn said...

Thanks for all the discussion here. My main concerns around making it open is around confidentiality issues which is absolutely essential in our profession. If I wanted students to reflect and discuss experiences on a particular ward then this would be a big risk in the public arena. Just by talking about ward 5B many people could put 2 and 2 together and guess who patients may be. also I would like them to be able to access peer reviewed journals and give them quick links to these. If this was in the open they couldn;t do this they would be restricted. Another issue is I do want to use the resources we have available and have copyright for our Medical/surgical text. These are the reasons why I think it needs to be in a place where only students ID can access it.

I beleive my digital literacy will improve because I will be still searching the internet and giving them links. Developing first something on blackboard would surely help me then develop on something like WIKI later. I'm not adverse to that but not sure if I could get around confidentiality issues when I start and when I'm learning. I don't think I could put a refelctive discussion board on Wiki becasue of these privacy concerns.

Leigh I thought that flexible learning was not just about e learning or open access. Is what I want to develop a flexible learning plan? A good way of offering a flexible supplemental tool to aid students learning?

I'm interested in any further feedback

Cheers Raewyn

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Raewyn, yes of course - flexible learning is about much more than online learning and open access. I'm the first to say that.

I think your responses are very strong and well thought out. Confidentiality is possible in open communication. Dave McQuillin, Programme Manager of Massage Therapy might be able to offer some ideas.

Providing people access to otherwise restricted content like journal articles and copyright restricted content is a definite strength of Bb if you view that level of access as worth while. And as you say, you will include activities in Bb that will show people how to learn independently for when they no longer have access to restricted content.

What a shame that so many areas of study and research have become so restricted in recent years.

When I mentioned access in my first comment - I was talking about YOUR access. What do YOU (as a teacher) need to do to access Bb? WHat would you do if Otago Poly stopped offering Bb? What would you do if you wanted to develop a course and offer it outside Bb?

All of these things probably don't worry you just now, although there is always the chance of Otago not giving you access as it does cost a lot of money to run and support...

As for the DILs you mention.. sounds like most of that will be covered outside Bb (accept for the access to restricted content)..