Thursday, May 29, 2008

Digital Information Learning Project Week 3 (May 29)

Well as you probably noted I did get to learn Animoto and like Sarah said it was great. I then becme inspired to see if I could figure out movie maker. That is what I have been doing this week. Thankfully my 11 year old daughter came to the rescue. So I have now attached a video I made using movie maker to see if it comes out okay


My original aims of this project was to create a site where I could put a library of resources together for students when they are working in clinical.However I find I am doing different things then what I originally planned. I think this has happened because as you listen to others you realise there is soooo much to learn. I think what I have chosen to do is incredibly beneficial as I am learning about so many tools out there. Only a few months ago I was really worried about setting up a blog. However I am still wanting to be able to use digital literacy to improve my teaching and courses. I'm hoping as I continue to explore digital resources this will be the case. I attended a workshop on Thursday and learnt the basics of how to set up a course in wikieducator....I think I will continue to explore this avenue...but in the large digital world who knows where I will go next in this project?

I hope these thoughts are not wrong..(I'm waiting for the video to be uploaded so fingers cross it will work and you can look at it if you want)I'm also considering buying a video so I can learn more about video editing


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Sarah Stewart said...

Just looked at the video - its fabulous!!

I have found the same as you over the last few months - I have ended up doing heaps of different things to what I expected. But thats what flexible, life-long learning is all about - doing what suits your needs at any given time. Your mates in nursing are going to be so impressed with you!