Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DFLIP Final Summary of Blog Comments

Topic Range Evidence ratings from 1-5

Orientation and introductions
Brief but did introduce myself, was busy about to go to California

What is flexible learning?
3 3 1 Just learning how to manage blogs so hyperlinking not yet apart of it. Referenced some reading I had done

Why we need flexible learning
3 4 1 Yes a lot of my own thoughts in here, beginning to hyperlink

Examples of Flexible Learning - distance, correspondence, online
4 4 4 I think I am now really getting into this topic and exploring my ideas and also other ideas and readings

Examples of Flexible Learning - part time, block, blended
4 5 5 Again I think this was done well

Examples of Flexible Learning - open, networked, RPL
3 3 5 Quite in-depth this one a lot of reflecting on my practice is beginning

Planning for flexible teaching and learning
3 3 3 Final plan ended up been very different to what I proposed in the end. All part of my journey. Beginning to see an increase in my digital literacy as I have begun a research project to increase this

Issues with flexible learning - The modern Internet
4 4 4 Good summary this week relating to my experience as a Mum trying to work at home

Issues with flexible learning - Sustainability
3 3 3 Brief comments on sustainability…a new issue for me to think about

Issues with flexible learning - access and equity
5 5 5 I think this was a good piece of work from me looking at these issues!

Issues with flexible learning - Cultural diversity
3 3 3 Okay piece but pretty brief

Flexible learning in educational organisations
3 3 3

National and International support for flexible learning development
2 2 1 Didn’t spend a lot of time on this topic

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