Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DIL Project 1st July

The last few weeks have been busy as I've been working on a course called DFLIP. I challenged myself by making a video and a slideshow and then posted them onto my blog. I also used my blog site for the presentation. However the video took too long too load so I talked to my power point. I used slideshare to embed it onto my blog. It wasn't actually too difficult.

I also started playing around with google reader and setting up RSS feeds. The frustrating thing was I forgot what to do again. I was also trying to set up an I google homepage...I spent quite a bit of time fiddling with these. I needed to reread and look at the video on RSS feeds which I found by going back over people blogs who are also in this project.

I was pleased to be able to get to the workshop today as exams had made me unavailable. In the workshop I was keen to get back to my original goals because I had been getting sidetracked with all these other things that people were learning.

My original goal was to set up a library base of resources for my students to be able to access. I had got as far as setting up de.lic.ous ( a bookmarking system, an online page in wikieducator (which I had forgotten how to access and couldn't now find) I had also put some sites onto my de.lic.ous bookmarking site. Therfore my goal of this session was to continue this.

The start of the session we shared about where we were up to. I felt quite pleased when I actually reviewed all the things i had learnt. However I was feeling a little discourged because I had wandered off my original goal but I think this has been beneficial when I consider everything I have learnt. ( I wasn't even able to set up a blog at beginning of year). I think the more you do and just give it a go the more ocnfident you become. I also think the support of others around you is really beneficial when you meet in groups.

This seesion went really well. I felt discourgad at first becasue I really needed help from one of the facilitators but so did the others in the workshop! However I got the help I needed and it only took me a few moments and I was away...back into wikieducator, found my page and I started to insert some of the sites from my de.li.ous...This felt really good and I regained my motivation of my original goals. I'm looking forward to developing and spending time on this site...I'm on holiday at present so hopefully will get some time to continue working on this...

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