Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DFLIP Week 13 Funding opportunities

I have thought quite a bit about this issue of funding as I find it is not always that easy to access funds. If the funds do become available then there is the difficulty of finding the time in an already full workload. We are not always able to be released to develop these new ideas and programmes.

The 2 avenues I am interested in exploring is the Polytechnic Teaching and Learning Inovation fund and secondly consider developing simulation as an action research project. This second option means there may be research funding available and I wandered about seeing if some nursing students could apply for a HRC summer scholaship. This would answer the problem of time release for lecturers.

Both of these options need to be explored at the beginning of next semester. The teaching and leanring inovation is hotly contested and may only have limited funds left. This would mean I would have to wait unitl another funding round.

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