Saturday, June 14, 2008

Digital Inforamtion Literacy Project Week 5 11th June

I wasn't able to attend the optional workshop this week do to a heavy workload with students. However i have continued during the week to work on my goals. I bought a new camera and did some videoing which I then tried to use movie mkaer and edit it. Well after a few frustrating hours it didn't seem to work. I had difficulty downloading the file into movie maker. I'm wandering if it has anything to do with the type of file it is? Unfortunately I accidently deleted the videing in the process (lucky it waasn't important).

i felt rather frustrated because last week i thought i was doing really well at increasing my digital literacy but again I felt that disappointment that it is never as easy as you think! Anyway I haven't given up on this I've just put that on hold..

I spent a little bit of time setting up some RSS feeds into my google reader site... This went okay fortunately but I was chucked off the computer (by a teenage son) and didn't do as much as I would have be continued..

I then later in the week(thanks to Leighs suggestion following my last weeks reflection) followed through on social bookmarking. This was much more successful and I now have del.ici.ous set up on my desktop and have already found it advantageous already. I have moved sites I was saving into del.ici.ous that I want to use when I make a resource library for my students...I already was able to tell some students during the week about operating theatre site I had found.

I plan to continue on trying to learn how to edit video this next week and may put my flexible learning plan on video jsut so i can increase my digital literacy.

To summarise I continue to emphasis becoming digital literate is very helpful and for me very interesting to do. however time to do all the thinks i want continues to be a struggle. I also feel i would like someone looking over my shoulder when thinks get difficult for a leaning hand...Meeting in groups and receiving other peoples email is very hepful...Until next week...C U...


Sarah Stewart said...

How about us getting together this week and playing with WMM. I know the basics but want to take it a step further. We can share ideas and go from there.

Raewyn said...

Hi Sarah
Sounds good although I won't be at workshop Weds becasue I have OSCE exams with my students all day until 5pm.

Can you suggest another time you may be available