Thursday, June 19, 2008

Video of our nursing 'Annie'

Hi there this is my colleagues and I trying to learn simulation.

ere is the link to the Leardal site which is where I can get scensrio's etc from


Please could you give me feeback about this idea by making any comments in reply to this post. The previous post gives more indepth explanations.


Sarah Stewart said...

Nice work!!

Leigh Blackall said...

Great to see the video. I think in terms of flexible learning, apart from offering 'clinical' experiences, if you set it up in a room that could be booked, and video recorded sessions for people to access before and after, I think that would add a lot of flexibility to this mode of learning.

Chef said...

Hi Raewyn, enjoyed your presentation on Friday, I could see the video demo's with Annie working the same as our stuff on cooking demo's. For the student to be able to access demo's anytime has improved our assessment results, they feel more comfortable going into a assessment having been able to view the demonstration a few times that morning.
If you have time would you vote on my pod or not? cheers, "chef" Steve