Thursday, June 19, 2008

flexible learning paln

Flexible Learning Plan Presentation

From: ziggyl, 12 minutes ago

plan to use simulation

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Athena said...

Feedback regarding your DFLP presentation and Plan: Raewyn I enjoyed your presentation of using "Annie" more effectively with your students. I am well aware of how technology can let your down when you need it the most (this is my second attempt of submitting my comment as Blogger was unavailable and deleted my commnets!). I liked the idea of video feedback for students to learn from and a room for them to access "Annie". My only thoughts regarding this is that you may require to moniter the room use in case "Annie" absconds with the local youth and is last seen hooning down Castle Street.

susane said...

When you have been sent a copy of the audio recording of your presentation, there are other options than movie maker to sync the audio into your slide show. Slideshare is a free webhost that offers an av editing software. A slidecast uses a hyperlink to the audio once this is uploaded to an archive (like internet archive) or a host like, or youtube for instance. I am (still) learning how to slidecast and agree that there are many challenges and setbacks, its does feel good to succeed.