Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sustainability DFLP Week 9

The pictures of computer wastes piled up left quite an impact on me. I'm sometimes like that rather big percentage of people Mann showed on his power point that are aware of the term been used and want to do something about but don't always know where to start!

I did manage to tune into the illumuniate conference
I'm actually a little ashamed to say I wasn't even aware of the core competency that Polytech has of having every graduate thinking as a sustainable practitioner by semester 2 2009. I then had a look at what we are doing in our department as I wasn't even aware there was a strategy in place! I found this document and even saw a photo of me graduating!

It was good to see this document and realise our school and our Head of Department has been thinking through what is a sustainable nursing practitioner?

I think flexible learning certainly helps in the area of sustainability. If students can study at home they can reduce the impact on the environment through travelling. Using computers to send in assignments and have them marked can also reduce paper...OER also has the ability to allow more sharing of resources and knowledge rather than recreating what is already available...If I think about my plan to put resources on the computer I think it does have the ability to enable social networking and use resources already online for others to share...

I've also been considering another possible plan and that is to use our 'Annie' (Manequin) more efficiently to enable sceanrio based learning...More on this later...

Overall I think the Nursing Council who set and review our competencies will want to consider what they see as a sustainable practitioner in nursing so it can have a downward flow to us who are teaching nursing students to meet these competencies.

For me however just starting by thinking about my ecological footprint and how I can reduce its impact both at home and work is a good and important start...

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