Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week 12 DFLIP Flexible Learning in education

I've just finished listening to Otago Polytechnic CEO talk on flexible learning in our institution

I quite enjoyed his way of explaining the continum of flexible learning, how it can vary from 'our way' of learning,structured to time, place ,learning objectives right through to the other end of the spectrum where it is 'the learners' time, place, objectives etc. This helped me understand it more as I admit I am still quite adverse to the far end of the spectrum....I still prefer as the teacher to have at least some control of the drivers seat. Perhaps this is because in the course I teach, the student nurses have very clear competencies they must meet set by the Nursing Council. However I am not adverse to moving along the continum to allow some flexibility although it is quite difficult in the course I teach because students have set times and places they need to be at to gain the clinical experience. It is up to me to get these organised for them and having 95 students doesn't allow for too much choice!

However in my plan I think by using simulation based sceanrio's, this is moving along the continum because the learner will get more choice to decide what assessment techniques and skills they need to focus on and practice. I agree with Leighs comment that Annie will need to be set up and booked by students if I want to offer this flexibility..

The other comments I liked in the presntation was about flexible learning having the ability to develop learner autonomy which I think is essential, if we want students to learn according to their learner style.

A couple of statements from the OP organationsal document in regards to flexible learning that I believe our course already aligns to are:

1) To provide relevant, flexible & accessible learning opportunities which build capability, are stimulating & challenging & foster life long learning.

2)To provide equal opportunities to participate & succeed in relevant learning for all people whatever their age, ethnicity or abilities & with regard for their needs.

I think by building up the repitoires of sceanrio's and loading them into Annie for simulation and making this accessible for students will align our course even more with these 2 statements

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Sarah Stewart said...

I think it is very difficult for us in our undergrad programs because of the restriction placed on us by external powers like the nursing & midwifery council. But I like your idea - providing flexibility can be small things not just big things.