Saturday, June 7, 2008

Digital Information Learning Project Week 4 (June 4th))

Reflective Framework Workshop 4 June 4th

Step 1

In todays session we spent time talking about what people have been doing over the last few weeks. The conversation ended up focusing in on podcasting (a lot of confusion here) and also RSS feeds.I found the video we watched on RSS feeds great and very helpful. Then both Sarah and Sunshine both showed us how they used google reader and blogline. It was helpful to be logged on when Sarah went thorugh google reader so I could follow what she was doing. I actually played around quite a bit with google reader and the igoogle webpage. I found this session very helpful (apart from the confusion about podcasting still leaving me confused). Although todays session didn't help me with my original goals of setting up a library of internet resources for my students it was greatly beneficial in improving my digital literacy skills

Step 3

As I result of this workshop agian it reinforced to me that digital literacy is like opening a can of big (good) worms that is never ending it keeps expanding. Again it reinforced to me I need time to put these things into practice. Also I really enjoyed been with other people who were also learning similar things and others who could offer there advice and help...(although I understand Sarahs response that in the next workshop she needs to focus on her goals). This I think can happen when too many people get together, there is such a variety of needs that your original goals can get lost in the process....because of this rather large can of (good) worms. I think over the next 2 weeks I will try to set up igoogle as my home webpage and sort out some good relevant RSS feeds that will help me organise my everyday life and work. I also want to continue learning how to edit video perhaps using moviemaker so I can do my assignment for DLIP. This hopefully will enhance my skills in mulitmedia for use with my students. My goal of setting up library resources is also there in the background....Wow it will continue to be busy.

Thanks Bronwyn your blog was helpful with the links about podcasting...


Sarah Stewart said...

I'm finding a real tension with this project between wanting to focus on my own learning but also wanting to help others with theirs. What I am really loving is meeting people (who I would normally not meet) like yourself and making connections. That is probably the main value.

When I started the 'communities' course last year with Bron and Leigh, I got in a mad panic because there seemed to be so much to learn. I have found that it is really useful to take small steps at a time - that way you are less likely to be overwhelmed by it all.

Leigh Blackall said...

Now that you are hooking into RSS, the chances of you finding good teaching resources becomes much higher. You will soon need a tool to keep track of all the things you find, and I think there is one that will do both. will help you keep track of the things you find AND help you generate a resource repository for your students (if you use it right).

Here's a repository I have on Social Bookmarking

Hope this step doesn't come to you too soon